VS America Inc. provides different engineered casting solutions by working with some of the leading foundries in the world, including

VS Guss AG produces malleable and gray iron castings weighing less than 5 lbs. Exceptional detail and thin walled sections are produced for high-volume applications.

Heunisch Guss GmbH is a provider of gray and ductile iron castings weighing over 50 lbs., specializes in castings with multiple cores for housings and cases and is a leading supplier to the compressor and agriculture equipment industry. Heunisch also produces permanent mold aluminum castings with part weights up to 75 lbs.

Burnstein von Seelen produces permanent mold copper products.  This includes high-conductivity products, brass, bronze and aluminum bronze.  We have in-house machining and plating facilities to provide finished components.

Jeners Die Castings is a leader of thin walled zinc die castings and provides complete solutions including machining and assembly.

All manufacturers are certified by ISO, DIN or TUV and meet your requested quality standards.

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